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How are gloves measured and standarized

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How are gloves measured and standarized

Postby kcmoguy26 » Jan 30. 2011, 19:43

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Fairly new to the forum. I'm looking for help on how gloves are rated and standardized.

I know gloves are categorized in oz, but is this the total weight of the glove? There is so many companies making gloves out there and they say 16oz, 14oz, etc. If it is the total weight of the glove then do some companies put less padding in the knuckle area and more in other areas for a harder hitting glove? Or do some companies put more padding in the knuckle area and use lighter materials in the rest of the glove to make the total ounces? Also, is the padding the same in all gloves? Do they send them anywhere to be verified?

Just been curious about this.


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Re: How are gloves measured and standarized

Postby mmared » Jan 31. 2011, 01:02

Im not srue about how much padding it put where for different companies... but one of the first things trainers will do for boxers is take the kinda rub it front to back in some way to spread the padding back... so there is less padding around the knuckle area before a fight.

but also just from going to a store you can just look at the different styles of gloves. I normally dont see a big difference as to the size of the padded area.

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Re: How are gloves measured and standarized

Postby el magico » Feb 2. 2011, 13:07

Its just the amount of padding in the glove its inevitable that some gloves from different companies will be made dfferently for example Top King brand gloves tend to be bigger then say Twins gloves.

Best way is to read companies description
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