Hendo vs Bisping 2 *POLL*

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Hendo V.S. Bisping 2

Bisping (lol)
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Re: Hendo vs Bisping 2 *POLL*

Postby makhoma » Dec 8. 2011, 14:53

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mbauer094 wrote:
traeblack wrote:Sadly i hate to say this, but Jizzping would be smart enough to not circle to Hendo's power hand, pick him apart with speed, and out a UD.

If bisping were to win it would be the most boring fight ever, it would go like this, jab,circle away to safe distance and repeat.

So like a Frankie Edgar fight?


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mmashare hof
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Re: Hendo vs Bisping 2 *POLL*

Postby jkolling1234 » Dec 13. 2011, 15:44

Of course Hendo would win win. Bisping is not that good of a fighter anyway i mean look at who he has faught. he lost to all of the good people everyone he faught suckes.

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Re: Hendo vs Bisping 2 *POLL*

Postby Walt » Dec 13. 2011, 17:34

Anyone who picked Bisping is trolling like trolling has never been done before.
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